Why Essentia? Because quality matters.

Dr. Jing Liu

"From the time I was a child I knew I wanted to be a doctor. More importantly, I knew why I wanted to be a doctor – to help & heal as many people as I could.

Throughout my career, I have seen thousands of patients with ailments ranging from period cramps to cancer. About twenty years ago, a lot of my new patients started to come to me with the same complaints, low energy, low sex drive, poor gut health, and overall depression to name a few.

I've spent the last two decades working alongside some of the top Eastern & Western doctors, master clinicians, and researchers to perfect formulas that leverage the 3,000-year-old practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help the most common health issues seen in Western medicine. It wasn't until my research started getting published and the waitlist at my office grew to be months long that I realized just how many people could benefit from my formulas. And that's when Essentia was born."

-- Dr. Jing Liu


Essentia Herbs takes a modern approach to the fundamental principles and strategies of TCM to maximize the natural benefits of herbal supplements & formulas with minimal side effects. The issue with so many herbal companies on the market is that they are designed with profits in mind, so they cut corners either by filling their products with additives and fillers or offer lower concentrations to keep their costs down but result in low-quality products. 

At Essentia, we stay up-to-date on studies and research to understand the action and properties of traditional Chinese medicine – our scientific research shows the active ingredient of each herb, the interaction it has with the human body and other substances, and what cautions and contradictions each ingredient has.

Our commitment to effective and safe formulas means that taking Essentia Herbs will greatly benefit your overall health. We don't design our formulas to mask your ailments, we design them to repair the body and proactively avoid future complications. Chinese medicine practitioners have discovered that by combining herbs, there are synergies that vastly increase the medicinal effects. That’s why our formulas contain proven combinations of herbs from thousands of plant species, rather than single ingredients.

Better herbs mean better results. All of our products are made using the finest grades of herbs — hand-selected by Dr. Liu, who flew to China to walk the fields herself.  Each of our ingredients are inspected for quality and authenticity. With us in your pocket, you can count on bringing better health and wellness back to your life.

Essentia Herbs About Us

The quality makes a difference

About our formulas

Over the past 3,000 years, an incredibly rich and powerful system has been created through traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

During this time, classic herbal formulas have been found to be effective for many health concerns—individual substances are rarely prescribed alone, because the combination of multiple substances in the formula creates a new therapeutic agent that can enhance much more effectively than a single substance in TCM. Our formulas consist of principal herbs, assisting herbs, directional herbs, and harmony herbs which provide best results for you.

Essentia Herbs

Today’s lifestyle is much harder than centuries ago.

We do not have an organic environment anymore—our air and water are polluted, our soil is deficient in nutrients it once had, foods no longer follow seasonality and are grown with pesticides and genetically modified ingredients, we live in artificial light and don’t follow proper sleep patterns, we are constantly attached to technology, our family structure has changed, our values have shifted, our lives have become sedentary, and the list goes on and on.

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