3 Benefits of ImmuBoost Capsules from Essential Herbs

ImmuBoost™  is a specially formulated tablet that is designed to help improve and strengthen your immune system using all natural herbs and remedies. This particular formula is perfect for dealing with seasonal spikes in colds, allergies, coughs and more. If you are looking for a simple way to feel better, ImmuBoost may be right for you. Here are three ways ImmuBoost™ may benefit you, especially as cold and flu season approaches. 

1. High Quality Ingredients

Unlike other immune system supplements, ImmuBoost™ takes a different approach by using Codonopsis Root as the primary ingredient. Codonopsis Root is known for boosting red and white blood cell counts, improving energy, and having fewer side effects than Ginseng, according to studies*. In addition, we make sure that all of our ingredients come from trusted farms located throughout China’s rural farmland, and meet quality control specifications when they are harvested. 

2. Perfect for Cold and Flu Season

ImmuBoost™ is a flexible supplement that can be taken during the worst seasons of the year for cold and flu. When everybody is going back to school and the weather is changing, colds, flu and allergies become widespread. You can pick up a bottle of ImmuBoost™ and start adding this supplement to your current daily routine in no time. This way you can make it through the cold and flu season without being slowed down by symptoms. 

3. Tested for Success

At Essentia Herbs, Dr. Liu, the owner and a certified practioner of TCM, tests all of our formulas for success. The ImmuBoost™ formula was created to deal with the specific challenges of recurring colds and seasonal illnesses. It was tested by the Chinese FDA and U.S. third party FDA companies to ensure that it provides immune system benefits that are pure and reliable. In addition, it can be used alongside other supplements, such as AllergEase™ and ColdRelief™ to help fight off a wide range of illnesses, and reduce symptoms that are similar to the common cold. 

If you are looking for a daily supplement that will give you more energy and help your body fight off the common cold and flu, ImmuBoostis the perfect choice. At Essentia Herbs, we go above and beyond to create formulas that use only the highest quality ingredients with no extra additives. We test our formulas for effectiveness through Dr. Liu's clinical and extensive TCM knowledge and can give you recommendations for other options that will work well with your health goals in mind. Visit us online today and check out our full selection of herbal supplements and specialty ingredients.