4 Ways to Prepare for Flu Season

Cold and flu season is almost here, which means we will all be working hard to avoid getting sick. For most of us, that means avoiding illness at work and school, while also taking care of regular tasks like grocery shopping, which may expose us to illnesses in public. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prepare for flu season and keep yourself healthy this year. 

1. Keep Your Hands Clean and Wear a Mask

Colds and the flu are easily spread through contact, especially when you touch items where people have sneezed, coughed, or otherwise left behind germs. After touching these infected areas, you are likely to touch your face or mouth, spreading the bacteria to your own body. You can prevent the spread of colds and the flu by simply washing your hands more often during this time of the year. Wash up before and after touching handrails, bathroom doors, shopping carts, and more. Wipe down your work area regularly as well. Carrying a surgical face mask with you when there are people around you who are sick or when you are sick can also help prevent the spread of illness. 

2. Stock Up on Ginseng and Vitamin C 

Studies have shown that there are a number of natural herbs and vitamins that help reduce the risk of getting the flu. Ginseng and Vitamin C are both highly recommended by research because they boost your immune system by reducing inflammation, promoting white blood cell count and more. You can find Vitamin C in a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs that are often mixed with ginseng to create flu fighting formulas, or you can take these supplements separately. 

3. Keep Elderberry On Hand

At the first sign of flu-like symptoms, make sure you have elderberry available to you. Elderberry is known for its ability to reduce flu symptoms by several days, cutting down on mucus, inflammation, fatigue and more. It is most commonly found in the form of elderberry syrup, but you may find a number of elderberry supplements that are concentrated for improved effectiveness. You may also find cooked elderberry, although it is less effective than other forms of elderberry for this purpose. 

4. Take ColdRelief™ from Essentia Herbs

ColdRelief™ is based on a household Chinese formula called "Yin Qiao San" for cold and flu relief in China for thousands of years. When used at the onset of cold symptoms, it relieves sore throat, nasal congestion, headaches, and cough in China.

With these four easy tips, you can keep you and your family healthy throughout the coming flu season. Make sure to visit Essentia Herbs online to place your order for ColdRelief™ and Ginseng root™, so you can fend off the flu before it finds its way into your home.