How Can a Better Understanding of Qi Energy Help Me?

As humans, we have to balance a lot of things: work, family, friends, activities and ourselves. An oft-neglected, but very important aspect of balance is our health. How can you recognize whether your body is out of balance, and what can you do to restore it? One of the most basic tenets of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is Qi, a term which refers to the balance and flow of energy throughout the body. How can recognizing and utilizing Qi Energy give you the vibrancy you need?  

Is Your Qi Energy Out of Balance?

You have no energy, you feel sluggish and you’re tired all the time. Does this sound like you? If so, your Qi may be out of balance. If your Qi is out of balance, it’s important to take time to restore it. As humans, we can’t function in a state of lack or we will eventually burn out, as this is the perpetuation of a cycle of ignoring our bodies’ true needs. The same thing happens with your Qi if you neglect yourself. An unbalanced Qi can lead to experiences of physical illness, insomnia, mental illnesses or other symptoms that further deplete your health. Not only is living in this state unsustainable, it’s also not enjoyable.

How Can I Balance My Qi?

Your Qi can be balanced in a variety of ways, and not all of them are specific to Traditional Chinese Medicine practices. Restoring healthy sleep patterns, caring for mental health, and eating a balanced diet can all help. Here are some additional techniques that may be used: 

24 hour Qi Cycle

This is a daily schedule of intentions and activities that respond to and correlate with various parts of your body. You may be thinking, I already have so much going on, how am I going to stick to a specific schedule for 24 hours? The fact that your Qi is out of balance and that you don’t feel you have time to dedicate to the Qi cycle is the exact reason why your body, mind and Qi Energy need it. The 24 Hour Qi Cycle follows a clock broken up into 2 hour increments. Each increment corresponds to a specific organ in your body and its correlating functions, emotions and needs. For example, from 7 to 9 a.m., the Qi is in the stomach, which encourages eating a healthy breakfast and the start of the workday. At night, between 5 and 7 p.m., the Qi is in the kidneys, which is focused on play, exercise and letting the work stressors of the day go. Following this Qi cycle allows us to set a schedule for our lives that naturally correlates with our energies, allowing our Qi to balance out over time. 


Acupuncture has been confirmed by the WHO as an effective method for treating numerous ailments, including pain, stress management, and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. Acupuncture works by stimulating various parts of the body to increase the flow of Qi throughout the organs, awakening your body's natural healing and painkilling facilities. Dr. Liu, the founder of Essentia Herbs, was mentored directly by Dr. Shi Xue Min, commonly known as "the Father of Acupuncture" and utilizes these time-honored practices in her Eastern medicine practice. 

TCM Herbal Formulas

You can also get assistance for Qi flow from our specially formulated TCM supplements work to balance your Qi Energy. This mix of herbs and well-known TCM formulas create the perfect pair for elevating your lifestyle to the maximum state of balance. 

Dr. Jing Liu is a certified Traditional Medicine Practitioner, licensed in both China and the USA to administer a variety of treatment methods in order to address disease and promote wellness. Her carefully formulated and developed TCM herbal supplements are utilized daily in her Arizona-based practice, allowing her to directly see their benefits and best applications as she works with her patients. Through Essentia, she offers Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal supplements that can help balance your Qi and alleviate a variety of symptoms. For more information, visit