Qi Stagnation vs. Qi Deficiency

The Qi is the energy or life force that we feel in our daily lives. Qi is free flowing and always present in our lives and we can harness it if and when we choose to do so. 

Just because our Qi can always be accessed doesn’t mean that it is always in balance. When this is the case with our Qi, there are two factors that may be occurring. One is Qi stagnation and the other is Qi deficiency.   

What Is Qi Stagnation?

When our Qi isn’t free flowing, it could simply be stuck. This TCM phenomenon is known as Qi stagnation. Qi stagnation occurs when the Qi is stuck or in excess, to the point where it doesn’t go anywhere. This can lead to issues later on, because the Qi can build into heat or fire properties, signaling a larger health issue. Qi stagnation can occur in any organ, but it often affects the liver, as the liver is the organ that regulates blood. Qi stagnation is almost equivalent to the blood being stagnant, which is referred to as Blood Stasis. So if the Qi is stagnant, most likely the blood is stagnant as well. The TCM application of acupuncture, which uses thin needles to activate certain pressure points in the body, is a great way to remove Qi stagnation and get the blood moving again. 

At Essentia Herbs, we have  LiverSupport™ for Liver Qi stagnation, which are herbs in the formula called Danshen. There are also nine different herbs that nourish, detox and help support the liver function. Avoiding stress and eating healthy can also help the liver not pile up with stress hormones and toxins, which could create liver stagnation. We also use Danshen, Ji Xue Teng and Gui Zhi for the heart, which is in the HeartSupport™ formula for Heart Qi stagnation. HeartSupport™ has many functions to help you to improve your heart condition and build a strong heart.                          

What Is Qi Deficiency?

Qi is present in every organ in our body, therefore we can be deficient in the properties that make this organ function correctly. Imagine, for example, that you find out that you have a Vitamin D deficiency: This deficiency will lead to other symptoms, such as pain in bones and muscles, or depression. Similarly, a Qi deficiency in an organ can lead to impaired function for that organ.

Qi deficiency can look like many different things depending on what organ it’s affecting. For example, if you have a Qi deficiency related to the kidneys, you might be experiencing memory or hair loss or if you have a Qi deficiency in the digestive system, you might be experiencing a low appetite, bloating or poor digestion. A Qi deficiency can be restored through the use of herbal supplements that are targeted toward the specific deficiency, such as KidneySupport™ from Essentia Herbs, which contains Astragalus Root (Huang Qi). There are also herbs called Yin Yang Huo and Shan Zhu Yu that are for the build up of kidney yang Qi and Shou Di Huang is the major herb for the kidney yin Qi. Long term use of   KidneySupport™ can help build strong kidneys, give you vitality, and create energy that helps you feel young.                                                                   

What Does a Flowing and Full Qi Look Like?

A flowing and full Qi is marked by feelings of peace and happiness within. If you take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally, your Qi will be flowing and open. This includes exercise, eating healthy food, getting enough rest, practicing positive emotions, spending time on restorative and enriching activities and making sure to spend time with family and friends.              

Dr. Jing Liu is a certified Traditional Medicine Practitioner, licensed in both China and the USA to administer a variety of treatment methods in order to address disease and promote wellness. Her carefully formulated and developed TCM herbal supplements are utilized daily in her Arizona-based practice, allowing her to directly see their benefits and best applications as she works with her patients. Through Essentia, she offers Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal supplements that can help balance your Qi and alleviate a variety of symptoms. For more information, visit www.essentiaherbs.com.