How StoolRSmooth Helps Promote Healthy Colon Detoxification

Herbal supplements in Traditional Chinese Medicine can be a great way to safely promote a healthy colon. From those who want to relieve constipation and detox their bowels safely and for health reasons, Essentia Herbs’ StoolRSmooth supplements can help. Our products promote a healthy colon free from the harmful side effects of traditional laxatives. 

An Example from Our Clinic            

This is the real story from a patient who uses StoolRSmooth™

A mother brought her nine-year-old child to our clinic to find a treatment for her recurring constipation, which she has had since she was a baby. We recommend the child use our StoolRSmooth™ (adapted from the traditional Tong Bian Ling formula). She began taking 4 capsules, three times a day. After two weeks in a row, she began to have normal bowel movements and the stool became loose. Then we cut down the use of StoolRSmooth™ to 3 capsules each time, three times a day. Within a two month period of time, she gradually cut down the StoolRSmooth™ from 3 capsules each, three times a day to 1 capsule, 1 time a day for another 2 weeks. She has now stopped using StoolRSmooth™ for 3 months. She has normal bowel movements, experiences no abdominal pain or bloating and her skin looks much better.

Unlike laxatives, StoolRSmooth™ is an herbal formula used to moisten the intestines and unblock the bowels to promote regular bowel movements. While promoting bowel movements, it also protects your intestines, helping recover the function of the whole colon, instead of damaging your body. We use Angelica Root (Dang gui), Ningpo Figwort Root (Xuan shen) and Foxglove Root (Sheng di huang) in our formula. Angelica Root (Dang gui) can help nourish the blood and invigorate the circulation of blood. It also helps with nerves and muscles, relieving pain and moisturizing the intestines. Ningpo Figwort Root (Xuan shen) can help cool the blood, detoxify and soften the stool, and recover from pain. Foxglove Root also helps in recovery while cooling blood and detoxifying.

The colon's function is to process waste. As an organ, the colon is important but not vital, as we can live without it, but we still need to have a way for our bodies to process waste, such as through a colostomy bag. The colon's job in absorbing nutrition, and eliminating waste and toxins has ramifications throughout the body, making a healthy-functioning colon essential for ongoing health and vitality. 

The Side Effect of Normal Laxatives:

Laxatives can be effective methods for loosening stool when experiencing constipation or other bowel related issues. However, they can have side effects that can be detrimental, such as cramping and dehydration. Even longer term side effects of laxative overuse include bloody stools and feeling weak or tired. A dependency on laxatives (in all their various forms) can seriously damage your organs and can lead to severe eating disorders that require urgent medical attention. StoolRSmooth™ is a TCM herbal supplement that differs from commonly-used laxatives in that it gradually loosens your stool over time and doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients.

If you’re experiencing constipation or other problems with bowel movements, we recommend using StoolRSmooth™. If you’ve been using traditional laxatives, we urge you to switch to StoolRSmooth™. Dr. Liu, the creator of Essentia Herbs, who has more than 30 years of clinical experience in TCM and Western medicine, has traveled to China to ensure that the herbs used were hand chosen for their quality. For more information, visit