Testosterone is important for men and women


What happens if low testosterone goes untreated? 

If you experience low sex drive, reduced erectile function, you may suffer with testosterone deficiency. If left untreated, low testosterone can contribute to low bone density or heart disease risk, loss of lean muscle mass, feeling tired all the time, and obesity. But it doesn't have to — low testosterone is relatively easy to treat. The goal of your treatment plan will be to get your testosterone levels back into the normal range.   

“Been spending a lot of time in the gym and eating right. Trying all sorts of test boosters and none of them seem to really work. About a week after taking ManPower™ consistently I already started noticing strength gains in the gym, and I feel alive again. That‘s not all, let’s just say the bedroom is way better than before.”                                                                           

-- Online Review by Sam  



  • Stimulates blood flow and deliver a youthful sex energy 

ManPower™ is designed to stimulate blood flow and boost energy by strengthening thekidneys, especially sex energy. Main active ingredients include steroidal saponins, icariin, schisandra. † 


  • Be and feel like the powerful one 

Studies show the active ingredient will help increase male stamina, increase sperm count, helps improve erectile function, increases libido and boosts sex drive. † 


  • Good for both men and women

Good for women who have low male hormones plus low libido and women after menopause by boosting the kidneys and adrenals. † 


Combine with: 

Horny Goat Weed

If you suffer with impotence, frequent urination, low back pain or if sperm and egg quality becomes a problem.  Horny Goat Weed will tonify the kidneys and liver to increase blood flow and stamina.  


RelaxMe & SunnyDay

If you suffer with stress, anxiety, sadness and worrying.  RelaxMe and SunnyDay offers to reduce the stress and uplift your mood for happiness.     



Being under stress for a long time, the stress hormones will damage your liver. LiverSupport helps promote cell regeneration to repair your liver and remove stress hormones.†