What Are the Core Principles of TCM?

TCM, or traditional Chinese medicine, is based on a few core principles, which dictate the how and why of the treatment method. By understanding these core principles, you can gain an appreciation of how the practice works, and why so many people trust in the benefits of TCM worldwide. Here is a closer look at what those principles are. 

Our Environment Impacts Our Health

Too often in Western medicine, our health is assessed without considering the environment that we live, work and play in. TCM considers environment to be one of the most important factors of health, as it can influence everything from our emotions to our neuro-chemical balances. Whether it’s the changing of the seasons or a particularly stressful work situation, TCM practitioners know that environment matters, and needs to be taken into consideration before any treatment can be successful. At Essentia Herbs, we've incorporated this recognition, as many of our formulas are updated to reflect modern environmental factors, such as RelaxMe™, designed to reduce irritability, worries, and nervousness in today's high stress world.

Our Bodies are Complex and Powerful

Another core principle of TCM is that our bodies are both complex and powerful in nature. They are complex because all of our body parts are interconnected, including all of our internal organs. This means that an illness presenting in one part of the body may have far-reaching effects on our overall health and wellbeing, which cannot be ignored. Our bodies are powerful because they possess the ability to heal themselves, they are adaptable, and they can recover from a wide range of illnesses, only to come back stronger. TCM works with your body’s natural abilities to prevent illness and promote wellness. 

We Should Treat Root Causes, Not Just Symptoms

If our bodies are complex and interconnected, it stands to reason that we should focus our energies on identifying the root causes of illness, instead of just treating the symptoms as they appear. We know that treating individual symptoms often means that the illness will start to present in a different way down the road, worsening over time. By going deeper and addressing both the physical and mental root causes of illness such as stress, depression, anxiety, and more, we can alleviate a wide assortment of symptoms and produce long-term improvements in health. 

As you can see, these core principles of TCM certainly differentiate this treatment methodology from its western counterparts. By taking a whole body approach and paying attention to external factors, TCM practitioners are more likely to treat the root cause of illnesses and get to the bottom of your health problems. To learn more about TCM and how it works, visit Essentia Herbs online today.