What is Depression?


Depression is a medical illness. Specifically, depression is a mood disorder that is caused by an imbalance, or unevenness, of a chemical in the brain. The term “mood” refers to an emotional state that affects how a person thinks or acts.

With depression, a person generally may feel great sadness or a loss of interest in things he or she used to enjoy. An imbalance of serotonin, a neurotransmitter (chemical) in the brain, has been linked to depression, along with other chemicals, such as norepinephrine and dopamine.

What are the top 10 health issues caused by depression?

Depression has a complicated relationship with other medical conditions, especially chronic ones. In some cases, depression can be a risk factor or an early symptom of another medical condition; in other cases, medical conditions are risk factors or symptoms of depression.

Here are some health issues caused by depression you should know about.

  1. Cancer
  2. Chronic pain
  3. Thyroid problems
  4. Heart disease
  5. Lupus
  6. Diabetes
  7. HIV
  8. Infections
  9. Multiple sclerosis
  10. Vitamin B12 deficiency


How serious the depression is?

Depression is a serious problem. Sadly, currently, it still carries a ridiculous amount of stigma.

Michelle London, PsyD at Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago, describes it well: “Depression is a cruel disease that can affect anyone. It is very easy, once the symptoms begin, for a person to slide down the black hole of depression where the symptoms spiral and feed off each other, increasing severity.”


How bad western drugs side effects

No therapeutic intervention, whether it be Chinese medicine, Western medicine, Ayurvedic medicine is side-effect free. Taking drugs can affect not just your physical and mental health, but your whole life. Just one pill can kill.

Different types of drugs affect your body in different ways, and the effects associated with drugs can vary from person to person. How a drug effects an individual is dependent on a variety of factors including body size, general health, the amount and strength of the drug, and whether any other drugs are in the system at the same time. It is important to remember that illegal drugs are not controlled substances, and therefore the quality and strength may differ from one batch to another.

Drugs can have short-term and long-term effects. These effects can be physical and psychological and can include dependency. It is important to remember that there is no safe level of drug use. Be careful when taking any kind of drug.


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