What Is Qi Energy?

Qi can be difficult to define. It's not just a concept, but also a way of thinking and understanding. Qi Energy is the energy that flows within our bodies and around us in the world. When we move our bodies, we can feel energy that extends from our limbs. Similarly, when we are standing or sitting still, our bodies are emitting energy. 

Energy isn’t just inside us, it’s also all around us. We can often sense the energy of someone, a place or a situation without saying a word, as our intuition allows us to instinctively feel this. This is also Qi Energy. Some may think that Qi Energy is unrealistic, but science has proven that our bodies and objects around us are made of molecules, which contain energy. Additionally, the concept of "Qi" is an ancient Chinese tradition, which has been around for much longer than most modern medicines. How did our understanding of Qi Energy formulate, how can we use it in our daily lives? Find out below.    

The History of Qi Philosophy

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Energy is known as ‘life force energy.’ Qi Energy is thousands of years old and was first mentioned in Yi Jing, a book that translates to the ‘Book of Changes.' Qi developed and was passed down over the years through different Chinese dynasties for multiple uses, one of which is commonly known today, Qigong. This movement-based practice would quickly develop to be a way to balance one’s Qi, though it served different purposes historically, from meditation to martial arts.   

How to Use Qi Energy to Your Benefit

Qi Energy can’t be specifically harnessed, per se, because it is always present. The key is to choose to pay attention to or apply it more in our daily lives. When we are stressed or down, our Qi Energy is low. Qi Energy is all about movement and flow. We naturally flow easier throughout our days when we are not stressed or distracted. The things we do and our interactions with ourselves and others seems effortless. This is a balanced Qi. There are activities that can help us balance our Qi, such as Qigong, yoga, meditation and more, because they allow us to embrace stillness and the breath. Even if a more intense activity such as hiking or swimming brings you joy and focus, you are still activating your Qi Energy. In that instance, you are channeling your life force energy toward something positive and beneficial.  

How Does Essentia Herbs Help Activate Your Qi Energy?

Essentia Herbs helps activate your Qi Energy through our herbal supplements that are created using time-tested TCM formulas. When certain herbs are combined together and in certain quantities, they create an herbal formula. For example, Jia Wei Xiao Yao is the formula used in RelaxMe™ that is a special blend of Chinese herbs that helps relieve stress and calms the spirit. In TCM, there are hundreds of herbal formulas in existence, all for a variety of uses and that treat a variety of ailments. These formulas were developed long ago and have stood the test of time in TCM, providing health insight that has been passed down for centuries. Though these formulas can be of great assistance for certain ailments, some herbs and quantities, if mixed improperly, can be harmful, so they should always be prepared by a TCM professional and never at home on your own. 

Essentia Herbs are Traditional Chinese Medicine supplements that help balance your Qi Energy. Founded by renowned physician and Chinese Medicine Practitioner Dr. Jing Liu, Essentia makes the highest-quality, meticulously formulated TCM herbs available to all. If you are tired and have low energy, our QiEnergy™ herbal supplements will help you feel more alert and balanced or if you are stressed and tense in mind or body, our RelaxMe™ supplements will utilize a special TCM formula and mix of relaxing herbs to calm your nerves. For more information, visit www.essentiaherbs.com