Why Detox Your Liver?

The liver is an essential organ in your body. It is not only the largest gland in the body with the most complex functions, but it is also the most metabolically active organ that is responsible for our vitality. The liver is responsible for ridding your body of damaging toxins, such as stress hormones, alcohol, drugs and more. The liver is also responsible for regulating and purifying blood and for the storage of glycogen and vitamins and minerals that contribute to our vitality. 

How Do I Know If My Liver Needs Detoxing?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Energy is commonly described as 'life force energy.' Qi is the energy that you move through life with and emit from your body. When your Qi or life force energy is stagnant, you may experience the symptoms of a liver that needs detoxing. Often when we feel sluggish, tired and bloated, it can be from too much negative stress hormones or an overwhelm of toxins in our bodies such as drugs or alcohol, causing our Qi to stagnate. 

Being aware of the symptoms and stressors that can bring on liver problems is important, as too many of these things can damage your liver, which is known as scarring or cirrhosis. This liver scarring can then lead to liver failure, which is a life-threatening condition.

You may also have a need for a liver detox if you’ve in danger of getting, have a genetic history of, or have been diagnosed with liver disease. If you also are prone to extreme weight gain, obesity, or stress, it is important to understand that your liver may need to be detoxed in the future or that you could develop liver problems.

How LiverSupport™ Can Help Protect Your Liver

Essentia Herbs has LiverSupport™, a herbal Chinese medicine supplement that regulates Qi Energy and harmonizes the stomach when nausea, bloating and other symptoms arise. 

LiverSupport™ from Essentia Herbs is a balanced formula that has multiple herbs in order to move the Qi and break stagnation of the energy flow. Typically, if you use one supplement but don’t move the Qi Energy, it only result in and create more stagnation of the energy. Traditional Chinese Medicine can protect the liver and move the Qi, enabling you to protect your liver and create greater Qi Energy.       

Essentia Herbs focus on restoring the Qi Energy for overall health. Dr. Liu, the creator of Essentia Herbs, who has more than 30 years of clinical experience in TCM and Western medicine, has traveled to China to ensure that the herbs used were hand chosen for their quality. For more information, visit www.essentiaherbs.com.